How to Find and Attract Quality Candidates

There are millions searching for jobs everyday, but for your company, perhaps only a handful would be the perfect fit. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for this select few.

Company Branding – Communicate the company values, purpose, and culture to appeal only to those who legitimately resonate with the energy of your company.

Job Descriptions – Be specific. In addition to listing required qualifications and preferred experience, personalize the message. Write as though you’re looking for a person with a specific mindset or set of beliefs who happens to be highly qualified, rather than a one-dimensional list of skills. This will instantly make your job stand out from the rest, and will make the candidate feel valued for all they have to offer.

Quality and Quantity – Both are equally important in finding and attracting quality candidates. Post on general job boards, but also post on niche industry job boards and in professional networking groups, which are more frequented by top candidates in their respected fields.

Current Employees – Use your current employees for word of mouth recruitment. Offer incentives – perhaps a bonus for every referral hired who stayed at least a year. Your current employees have already proven that they’re a good fit for your company, and chances are high that they have friends or acquaintances who are just as qualified, or of similar caliber.

Be Proactive – When you find a candidate you’re interested in, act quickly. If you want them, chances are others will too. Reach out and be open and transparent, which should breed trust much more quickly. Show that you respect their skills and time by being specific and concise with what you’re looking for and what you can offer. Be sure to offer competitive salary and benefits – the value that great candidates add to your company is worth it.

The “perfect fit” may seem an elusive and idealistic concept, but you’d be surprised how close you can get when you successfully identify the heart and soul of your company, and express that consistently with a clear, authentic voice. You will inevitably attract those individuals who will naturally belong, effortlessly adopt your culture, buy-in to the company purpose, and add enormous value to your company.