How to Write a Spectacular Job Description

A well-written job description can make all the difference when it comes to the number, and more importantly, the quality of applicants you receive.

Here are some things to consider when writing your next job description:

Be Specific – Specificity will save both you and the candidate time. If the candidate knows exactly what your company is looking for, they’ll be better equipped to judge whether they’d like to join the team. Being concise will also save space and make for a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing read, which will unconsciously make a good impression on the candidate.

Sell Yourself – There should be a clear sentence or paragraph about why your company is the place to work. Make the workplace and company culture appear attractive so that the candidates are sold before they even move on to read the qualifications and actual job description.

Communicate Your Vision – Tell candidates the significance of this particular job in the larger scheme of things, and articulate the possibility for growth within this position. This will attract those candidates who, if in agreement with your vision, are likely to stay on for more than just a year or two.

Beef Up the Benefits Section – If this particular job offers perks, state them clearly! A unique perk, even something small (like discount gym memberships), can make your job stand out from other jobs of similar role and function.

Include a Photo – Most job postings don’t include pictures – after reading 50 job descriptions filled with monotonous text, a job description accompanied by a picture (even if it’s just a logo) will make a great impression on candidates. However, be sure that the picture is of good quality, as a grainy picture or one that conveys the wrong message may do more harm than good.

Location and Travel – Indicate where the position is based and how often travel is needed – this will prevent later dropouts due to misinformation.

The job description is often your first opportunity to make an impression on a candidate. Remember that in addition to writing for maximum appeal, it’s always best to be clear and upfront about requirements and logistics. The more transparently and accurately expectations are set from the beginning, the less time is wasted on false leads – for company and candidates alike. Put a little extra thought into your job description, and reap the benefits of a smoother, more efficient hiring process overall.


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