Tips for the Perfect Interview

Finally! You have submitted your application and landed an interview. Nailing the interview is critical. Efficient preparation will radiate confidence, and make you stand out. Follow these tips for the perfect interview to present yourself as the ideal candidate.

Do your research
Study up on the company you are applying for. Be aware of any current events and choose one or two topics to bring up for discussion during the interview. This is the best way to express genuine interest in the company.


Know the position
Make every effort to find out the details of the position you want to fill. Your answers to the interview questions should be specific to that job. Be sure to emphasize any skill requirements that make you ideal candidate.

Know your resume
The ability to intelligently discuss your previous positions makes a significant difference to the interviewer. They want to know how your previous experience has helped you grow and how you will be an asset to them.

Dress for success
You never get a second chance at a first impression. When you step into an interview you are marketing yourself. Your attire is the first thing the interviewer sees when greeting you. Plan your wardrobe to match the type of job you are striving for. This will help the interviewer, and yourself, visualize YOU in the role you want to fill.

Body language
Always greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. Be sure to make eye contact with your interviewer. Direct eye contact implies confidence and self-esteem. Remember that sitting up straight shows that you are alert and listening.

Be Yourself
It is much easier to justify yourself as the ideal candidate rather than the person you pretend to be. Being yourself will emanate positivity. If you cannot visualize yourself in the role, neither can the interviewer.

Follow Up
When going to interviews, track the names, positions and emails of your interviewers. Make sure to send timely, personal thank you notes, and in your message emphasize what makes you the ideal candidate and reaffirm your interest in the opportunity.

Now, go out there and nail that interview!