Using Social Media to Attract Better Candidates

Passive candidates, which are often the most qualified talent, are more effectively reached and attracted through social media than job boards. In addition to attracting more passive talent, social media is a powerful tool to help companies attract a higher quantity of exceptional candidates in general.

Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, employers can present their company in an enticing manner, increasing brand exposure and number of memorable impressions. If a company clearly communicates its values and company culture, job seekers with similar values and interests will naturally be hooked.

Here’s how to do it. Using the aforementioned platforms, maintain and frequently update company pages with updates on notable progress and events, and vacancies. In addition to a company page, have a specific recruitment page where vacancies are posted.

Use Facebook mainly as a branding tool. Share interesting articles related to your company’s niche and industry. Join job groups in major cities and post vacancies to those groups in addition to your company’s own recruitment page. Share photos, videos, and testimonials from current employees that show how great it is to work at your company. Set your company apart from others as an extremely desirable place to work. The main goal with Facebook is to convey a happy and productive workforce with a more personal angle.

Use Twitter mainly as a medium for meaningful conversations and exchanges. Engage with users who seem like they would be a good fit for the company – even if they’re not looking for a new position now, you’ll be at the forefront of their mind when they do. Tweet updates in the industry and share articles pertaining to the company, as on Facebook. Tag users and be strategic with hashtags – if you’re looking to strengthen the HR department, use hashtags with key words and tag key figures in the industry. That will add to the visibility of your tweets and increase the chances of the right people reading it. Encourage current employees to be active in updates and job referrals too, as this will exponentially increase your reach. The main goal with Twitter is to establish credibility through casual exchanges. You want to show that you are vibrant and dynamic.

Use LinkedIn when you have a more specific idea of what you’re after. Join groups relating to certain topics and keep your company page attractive and updated. LinkedIn can be a place where more serious and in depth discussion takes place, and through these exchanges, candidates can be vetted.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most impactful social media platforms currently available, they are just three of a myriad of empowering social media tools. Take advantage of increasing data flow – the rewards are diverse and abundant.